Vindolanda Roman Fort to have live updates

World famous as an important Roman fort near to Hadrian’s Wall in Northumberland, Vindolanda is both a major tourist attraction and an archaeological work-in-progress. Each Summer, a team of archaeologists drawn from across the globe carefully uncover its story and conserve its artifacts, making it a permanently ‘live’ dig.

Director Dr Andrew Birley is the third generation of his family to make this site the focus of his life’s work. As well as the excavating, the team work hard at developing the interpretation and the visitor experience. Andrew saw the potential for Info-Point to provide a cost effective and reliable method of delivering the latest news and interpretation to visitors at the site via their smartphones, even as excavation is progressing. Each year discoveries of great significance are made. Some are unique, such as such as well-preserved Roman swords, and examples of the earliest cursive handwriting, including a personal letter written by the Commander’s wife to a friend.

Following site tests an Info-Point unit was supplied, along with external antenna and a support package so that it arrived ready-branded and structured for Vindolanda staff to upload the content. Dr Birley commented on their plans: “We have many international visitors, and have commissioned professional video, so it’s great that our Info-Point unit will enable us to deliver sophisticated multi-lingual multi-media content to any visitor, and we can update it day-by-day if we wish. We are able to house the Info-Point unit securely in a building, from where the Wi-Fi signal covers the whole of the fort area.”