Canal and River Trust offer digital interpretation on towpath

Stoke Bruerne is a Canal and River Trust museum site in rural Northamptonshire. In order to open up some of its film and oral history archive to the public, and explain how locks work, they installed an Info-Point unit at the entrance to Blisworth tunnel, using an old stable to house a solar-powered unit.

A/V producer Peter Ralley commented, "The Canal and River Trust wanted to make full use of my filmed oral histories and archival footage, but the unattended tow-path environment is not suitable for digital equipment such as kiosks, and it has no power or internet access, so Info-Point was the only delivery mechanism that would work. I created animated explanations of how the locks and side-ponds worked and how they built Blisworth Tunnel and installed everything on a solar-powered Info-Point so that it can be used 24/7 from the public tow-path. As we have worked with Info-Point before we knew that it would do the job. Putting it all together was very easy and it works like a dream."