Workshop testimonials

What attendees have said…

  • ‘Thank you, it was a very interesting morning. It was all useful but the NT presentation was of particular interest.’
  • ‘Just seeing the scope of the technology and hearing how content can be developed for it was useful. The case studies/experiences were good.’
  • ‘... the networking opportunity is always appreciated and I met old friends and useful new contacts; I also appreciated both having a greater understanding now of how this could work for my clients as well as the 'real user' insights’
  • ‘I particularly liked the relaxed schedule, which allowed plenty of time to chat at the start of the day and over lunch. It was good to hear from people who have used the system and I think you got very positive affirmation of your commitment to getting it to work!‘
  • ‘It's really useful to know more about some of the projects that are going on and indeed get an insight into the issues and challenges arising and ways in which different organisations are tackling them.’
  • ‘Useful aspects for me were the case studies. Seeing how the unit performs in the field was invaluable, both as an internal and external content source.... Also found it very useful to see the solutions for powering the units externally. The option for charitable donations is handy as well .... The addition of visitor metrics will be helpful at remote sites so was very interested in this. I thought that the degree of technical information was about right. I noticed that the explanation of the wi-fi donut was well received and gave everyone a clearer understanding of how the signal actually works. The BYOD explanation was also well received I felt by everyone who was unfamiliar with the concept.’
  • ‘The case studies were good as they showed both positive and negative aspects so together they both made a good balanced presentation of the product.’
  • ‘..overall I found the workshop very good...I don’t think I found a least useful part, or part that wasn’t useful’