Open Day Kit

Photo: kit in use at archaeological dig

£3,300 + VAT

This kit enables you to provide on-site information and interpretation at open days via your visitors' smartphones. Self-contained and portable it will work at any site as it does not need internet connection or mains power. The range is 250 metres.

The system will run for 8+ hours using the rechargeable battery provided, or can be left on 24/7 using the external mains adapter. Ideal for:

  • Archaeological digs
  • Outreach activities
  • Indoor and outdoor events and exhibitions

The content can be updated on-site - you post text, images and video to it just like social media. The kit comes in a tough waterproof case.

The kit includes:

  • Info-Point web generator
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 24 hours operation)
  • Mains adapter
  • High-reach antenna (250m range)
  • Tough storage and transport case
  • Waterproof posters informing visitors how to connect
  • Built in pre-configured Content Management System
  • Instruction manual
  • 5 year warranty and email/telephone technical support

Kits are available for hire - £500 first week, £180 subsequent weeks. The hire cost includes insurance.